The passion for sneakers, customization and the idea of community gave life to the new Sneakers Generator project, the app that lets you create from scratch your own sneaker by deconstructing and putting together hundreds of silhouettes, constantly updated depending on the releases of the biggest streetwear brands.

Access this website from mobile or download the app from the App Store to start!


Join the community through a request and a registration, you will have the possibility to customize your favourite sneakers drops combining the upper and the sole of the most well-known kicks in the world. You will have moreover the chance to change the colors and add details and accessories to the most hyped Nike, adidas, Jordan, Gucci, Off-White, Dior sneakers, and many more.


Your concept and the one of all the other users can be shared on your social networks, inviting followers and friends to join the community and showcasing your custom skills. 


Once your prototype is completed you will be able to comment and vote (cop/drop) also for the other creations. Every activity will make you earn points (creds), that will be useful to access a rating list, that will give you the possibility to take part inworkshops, events and giveaways.